Poplar Place Farm H.T. & Area Championships

Hamilton, GA

10/2/2020 to 10/4/2020

Entry Status as of 10/02/2020 11:09 AM

Rider NameHorseDivisionBalance DueMissing ItemsStatusStable Near
Allen, BethRemasteredSNR-CH$0.00
  • Waiver Form
IncompleteNirvana Equestrian
Anderson, JaneBourbon St. BashOBN$0.00 Complete
Anton, Sara BethLegionnaireTH-CH$0.00
  • Signatures
  • Waiver Form
Anton, Sara BethSpf Vision QuestTH-CH$0.00
  • Signatures
  • Waiver Form
Austin, NicoleAnnaghmore Beach BoomNR$0.00 CompleteEverbright Equestrian
Avila-Guilabert, JuliaRedHeadedStepChildJBNR-CH$0.00 CompleteWillow South Eventing
Ballou, Ryan Fernhill Doctor WatsonTR$0.00 Complete
Barden, MeredithRight BenBNR$0.00 CompleteFree Form Farm
Barlow, LilyKarlie HfNH-CH$14.00 CompleteGeven
Berry, GraceI'm special VGPT$606.00
  • Deposits
Bock, FriederikeLeon 526OT$0.00 CompleteRoad Less Traveled
Bosworth , AnnaGalapagos SNR-CH$50.00
  • Deposits
IncompleteLe Bonheur
Bowers, MegFull Gallop's DolceOBN$100.00
  • Signatures
  • Waiver Form
Brandt, Hannah PhilosophicalTR$0.00 CompleteHoos
Bright , Jennifer Teddy O'BrienOBN$0.00 Complete
Brinkley, JennyGuinness XSNR-CH$150.00 PENDING! Awaiting FundsTriple Creek Eventing
Brooks, LaurenFernhill Focus MaxiTR$308.00 PENDING! Awaiting Funds
Brown, MorganPacific SunSTR-CH$0.00 CompleteNirvana Equestrian
Bunn, SuzannaDineraBNR$0.00 Complete
Butler, GraceHHF ChehonTR$0.00 CompleteSilver LIning Equestrian
Cady, MindyYukon JohnnyOBN$0.00 CompleteMcDonald
Cahoon, KyliePhilenaOP$0.00 CompleteAmy Cobb
Caldwell, JuliaFreedom's CallNR$0.00 CompleteSilver Lining Equestrian
Cardin, EmilyHackerSNR-CH$0.00 Complete
Carmichael, SabrinaBriars of BuchannanJBNR-CH$0.00 CompleteTriple Creek Eventing
Childress, KaleighA Southern GentlemanBNR$0.00 CompleteMcDonald
Childress, EmmaMission To MarsJBNR-CH$0.00 CompleteMcDonald
Chizek, ElisabethProvidenceSTR-CH$0.00 Complete
Clark, MicheleZuesSNR-CH$0.00 CompleteGibbs
Clark, Hattie FGF Gray CozzeneSNR-CH$0.00 CompleteMcDonald
Clayton, SamanthaLawlessJBNR-CH$0.00 CompleteHoos
Cobb, AmySwift Journey TN$105.00
  • Deposits
IncompleteAmy Cobb
Cobb, AmyFGF Mr. Montificent OI$205.00
  • Deposits
IncompleteAmy Cobb
Combs, BrandyIcaanOBN$0.00 CompleteGottler
Combs, BrandyShakah CaanSBNR-CH$0.00
  • Signatures
  • Waiver Form
Cook, CourtneyRomeoSNR-CH$0.00 CompleteCharbonnet Sport Horses
Cooper, CarolynLadybug INTRO$0.00 CompleteGo With It Farm
Counts, StephanieEmillion To OneSNR-CH$0.00 CompleteSilver Lining Equestrian
Culver, JayTysonNR$0.00 CompleteGo With It Farm
Davis, Mary BessImperio Magic OT$0.00 CompleteTriple Creek Eventing
Davis, Mary BessStarry NightNH-CH$0.00 CompleteTriple Creek Eventing
DeMichiel, KadeMexicali LeaguerJBNR-CH$0.00 Complete
Delong, CallieBoleybawn MagmaOP$0.00
  • Signatures
  • Waiver Form
Dillon, OliviaNovelty ActPR$0.00 Complete
Dobbins, AmySuper CooperBNH-CH$0.00 CompleteRoad Less Traveled/Dobbins
Doran, MarlaMiss TosonnaSBNR-CH$0.00 CompleteSmiling Horse Farm
Dreelin, DorothyMSH Cooley TwilightSTR-CH$0.00 Complete
Drury, PaigeArdeo IllusionPR$0.00 Complete
Drury, DarcyFernhill OpulencePT$0.00
  • Signatures
  • Waiver Form
Dunkerton, Joanna Coeur d'AmourNR$275.00 PENDING! Awaiting Funds
Dunkerton Sizemore , SarahDeanfield Donovan ZOT$0.00 Complete
Ebhardt, AmeliaFernhill CelebritySTR-CH$0.00 CompleteAlex Green Eventing
Edmonds, BraydenJay of DiamondsJTR-CH$0.00 CompleteNirvana Equestrian
Edwards, SolomonWHF WaimeaOBN$0.00 CompleteWillow South Eventing
Eriksson, MalinWHF WilhelminaSBNR-CH$0.00 CompleteWillow South Eventing/Multz
Erwin, SamanthaConquistadoraP-CH$0.00 CompleteRoad Less Traveled
Evans, AllyFleaux EasyJBNR-CH$0.00 CompleteSmiling Horse Farm
Evans, SophieDonatellaINTRO$0.00 CompleteSmiling Horse Farm
Fazekas, LieselFernhill Lets Face ItP-CH$50.00 CompleteFazekas
Fick, SarahCarissanBNR$717.00
  • Deposits
Finch, KatelynGrey StreetOBN$0.00 Complete
Flynn Mobley, ErinDivine LegacyP-CH$0.00 CompleteNirvana Equestrian
Fortson, BlakeQuiana AFPT$578.00
  • Deposits
Fowler, DevonArt of InvestmentJBNR-CH$0.00 CompleteGo With It Farm/Fowler
Fowler, JeanCharminINTRO$100.00 PENDING! Awaiting FundsHilsman
Gallagher, AbigailZiggy StardustJNR-CH$0.00 CompleteBig Time Eventing
Gamboa, JavierAmour de BonceON$0.00 CompleteMcBride
Gamin, PiperZen DJBNR-CH$0.00 Complete
Garrison, ChelseaMagnetic NorthSTART$21.00
  • Signatures
  • Waiver Form
Geven, TessaBig Bear's CepheusJNR-CH$318.00 PENDING! Awaiting Funds
Geven, TessaTullymor's HoudiniJNR-CH$318.00 PENDING! Awaiting Funds
Gibbs, ElissaVoltaire's MasterclassOP$0.00 CompleteGibbs
Gibbs, ElissaIneke DansenOP$0.00 CompleteGibbs
Giles, MolliYazoo ExpeditionSTR-CH$0.00 Complete
Goodroe, AshleyChubbaSTR-CH$0.00 Complete
Green Kerby, AlexandraFernhill FamousOI$614.00
  • Deposits
  • Signatures
IncompleteAlex Green Eventing
Greenberg, SophieConquistadorSNR-CH$0.00 CompleteCharbonnet Sporthorses
Greenfield, KathrynArtemis HHBNH-CH$0.00 CompleteRoad Less Traveled/Dobbins
Griffin, MarissaConguistadorJNR-CH$0.00 CompleteSmiling Horse Farm
Grosenbaugh, DebSchrodinger's KittenNR$0.00 CompleteTriple Creek Eventing
Haire , SamBitter Sweet NR$0.00 CompleteFortson
Hand, SophiaOMG He's Totes Adorbs!JBNR-CH$150.00 PENDING! Awaiting FundsGo With It Farm
Harsch, Mary Carol Foster's Bold Favorite SNR-CH$100.00 PENDING! Awaiting FundsTriple Creek Eventing
Harsch, Mary Carol Theodore alCoda BNH-CH$0.00 CompleteTriple Creek Eventing
Hays, AshleyCall It CourageOI$0.00 CompleteWood
Head, LibbySRF Western TerritoryPT$0.00 Complete
Heinle, CamberShezza show offBNR$0.00
  • Signatures
  • Waiver Form
Heinle, CamberCaan's Man In BlackNR$699.00
  • Signatures
  • Waiver Form
Heinle, CamberTapisINTRO$0.00
  • Signatures
  • Waiver Form
Herbig, KathleenSirius ContenderSTR-CH$0.00 CompleteRoad Less Traveled
Hilsman, JoanSimbaSTART$0.00 CompleteHilsman
Hitron, MaggieThis Is Gonna Be FunOT$56.00 PENDING! Awaiting FundsKahl
Hitron, MaggieMawhinneyOP$0.00 CompleteKahl
Holliday, ToriSee Spot JumpSTART$0.00 CompleteGo With It Farm
Hooks, SouppeeNatiaBNR$0.00 CompleteSilver Lining Equestrian
Hoos, WilliamCeltic RhythmOP$0.00 CompleteHoos
Hoos, RebeccaDonnerstorm IIOI$0.00 CompleteHoos
Hoos, RebeccaLittle CruzOI$0.00 CompleteHoos
Hutcheson, AnnaF for FortuneNR$0.00 CompleteMcDonald
Iannamico , AvaClockandKeyBNR$0.00 CompleteWillow South Eventing
Jackson, BillyRalph LaurenBNR$0.00 Complete
Johnson, Hanna GraceUrlanmore BeautyOI-$21.00 CompleteFazekas
Johnson, SallieFernhill DiCaprioP-CH$0.00 Complete
Jones, RileySenor SantanaJBNR-CH$0.00 CompleteEverbright Equestrian
Jones, AlisonPlatinum Perfection SNR-CH$0.00 CompleteDestiny Farm
Kahl, BrookeNata Montada SCFNH-CH$0.00 CompleteKahl
Kremer, AmeliaDelgadoJTR-CH$0.00 CompleteHoos
Lambert, StephanieGodiva ChocolateTN$64.00
  • Deposits
IncompleteSilver Lining Equestrian
Lane, Ella KayDark Shadow'sJTR-CH$0.00 Complete
Lane, Ella KayDouble DareP-CH$0.00 Complete
Ledford, HannahDoubt Ya BoySTR-CH$0.00 Complete
Lemasters, StephanieBetter With BlantonsPT$578.00
  • Deposits
IncompleteSandstone Equestrian
Lipstreu, StephanieRed RyderON$0.00 CompleteKahl
Littrell, CallanSeeking the Storm NR$0.00 CompleteTriple Creek Eventing
Lyle, AlesePrincess LeiaPR$336.00 PENDING! Awaiting Funds
Malensek, KatieLandjaegerOP$49.00 CompleteMcDonald
Marsh, OliviaDecadence JNR-CH$0.00 CompleteHoos
Massey, LaurelLisheen LismakeeraOT$0.00
  • Signatures
  • Waiver Form
May, CarolynBig Bear's CorianaBNR$0.00 CompleteGeven
McBride, KariTonight At NoonSNR-CH$0.00 CompleteMcBride
McDonald, SandraCooley Cut CopySTR-CH$195.00 PENDING! Awaiting FundsMcDonald
McDonald, SandraDun It AgainBNH-CH$35.00 CompleteMcDonald
McKee, BryantHandsome JakeSBNR-CH$0.00 CompleteGeven
McLaughlin, MollyManoraven Master AdanacBNR$0.00 CompleteWillow South Eventing/Multz
Miller, HannaAna NavarreTR$0.00 CompleteSilver Lining Equestrian
Miller, HannahAiden StarBNR$0.00 CompleteThompson
Miller, JorjaCalypso GirlIP$0.00 CompleteFazekas
Miller, JorjaFernhill HappynessON$0.00 CompleteFazekas
Milner, SidneeMy ValentineJBNR-CH$0.00 CompleteGo With It Farm
Milner, SidneePeter PanINTRO$150.00 PENDING! Awaiting FundsGo With It Farm
Minshew, BlytheThe StarboardJBNR-CH$0.00 Complete
Misenhelter, DavidJax On PatrolON$0.00 CompleteHoos
Montgomery, GraceFernhill PatronTN$0.00 CompleteJulie Richards eventing
Montgomery, GraceForever FernhillPT$0.00 CompleteJulie Richards eventing
Morgan, MargaretKegan MacCruiseON$628.00
  • Deposits
IncompleteSandstone Equestrian
Mueller, MariaFGF Full GasINTRO$42.00
  • Signatures
  • Waiver Form
IncompleteGo With It Farm
Mulholland, JenniferCasanovaTR$308.00 PENDING! Awaiting Funds
Multz, AlexandraMarkham's MoontideJBNR-CH$0.00 CompleteWillow South Eventing/Multz
Murray, BrieFernhill DiscoPR$0.00 CompleteJulie Richards Eventing
New, LaurenPaulank Pepper PotTH-CH$0.00
  • Signatures
IncompleteNirvana Equestrian
New, LaurenFlying AgainP-CH$0.00 CompleteNirvana Equestrian
Newman, GraysonMoves Like JaggerJBNR-CH$0.00 CompleteEverbright Equestrian
O'Donnell, Juliette CzarSNR-CH$0.00 CompleteChalmers
Ortmeyer, JennaroseShow Me Prim and Proper STR-CH$0.00 Complete
Osley, KristinKing of BeerSNR-CH$0.00 CompleteMcBride
Palacio, GabriellaA. HorseNR$525.00
  • Deposits
Parker, KathleenPicture in My HeadTR$0.00 CompleteParker
Parker, Emma HopscotchJTR-CH$0.00 CompleteDestiny Farm
Parker, KatlynBankers Mark JNR-CH$0.00 CompleteParker
Parker, AvaKashmirJBNR-CH$0.00 CompleteDestiny Farm
Phillips, CindyThird Times The CharmSTR-CH$0.00 CompleteMcDonald
Pistocco, AlexCarpe DiemTN$0.00 CompleteCharbonnet Sport Horses
Poston, ChalmersIslandwood Border PatrolSNR-CH$0.00 CompleteChalmers
Potts, Emma LynnBoomtown IINR$0.00 CompleteSilver Lining Equestrian
Presel, RianVenetian BayJNR-CH$0.00 CompleteSandstone Equestrian
Redmon, SophieBlue StockingsNR$278.00
  • Deposits
IncompleteCharbonnet Sport Horses
Renfroe-Dailey, EmilyPoint of It AllOI$0.00
  • Signatures
  • Waiver Form
Rice, CarolynFernhill All StyleJBNR-CH$0.00 CompleteWillow South/Tawn Edwards
Richards, JulieFernhill CruiseawayOT$0.00 Complete
Richards, JulieFernhill Seven C'sTH-CH$0.00 Complete
Richards, JulieFernhill Kildimo QualityTN$0.00 Complete
Richards, JulieValorON$0.00 Complete
Roberts, Lara Boucco Round TripJTR-CH$0.00 CompleteFazekas
Robinson, ClaireDestiny RevealedOT$0.00 Complete
Robinson, ClairePretty Like MeOI$0.00 Complete
Rogers, River MandyJBNR-CH$0.00 CompleteHoos
Romanelli, LaurenAct ThreePR$64.00
  • Deposits
Rowan, SkylarBox OfficeTR-$40.00 Complete
Rowan, SkylarJe Suis BernardSTR-CH$0.00 Complete
Rowan, SkylarRing MasterSTART$0.00 Complete
Rumayor, ChristinaChocolate SoldierSBNR-CH$0.00 Complete
Sabatino, AubreyCloud JumperBNR$0.00 CompleteFree Form Farm
Sanchez, JuanitaFriend of Bill WINTRO$0.00 CompleteHilsman
Sanger, Mary EllenThe Sky is the LimitJBNR-CH$0.00 CompleteRoad Less Traveled
Santiz, ElisePower TripNR$0.00 CompleteGibbs
Sarango, DanielEmmaretto CSFON$0.00 CompleteLe Bonheur
Sawtell, ChelseyQualifierP-CH$0.00 CompleteSawtell-BlackFriar Farm
Sawtell, ChelseyToto's Weather TamerBNH-CH$0.00 CompleteSawtell-BlackFriar Farm
Sawtell, ChelseyCovenantBNH-CH$0.00 CompleteSawtell-BlackFriar Farm
Sawtell, ChelseyCosmic QuestBNH-CH$0.00 CompleteSawtell-BlackFriar Farm
Schaff, CaroleLucky in LouisianaOBN$0.00 CompleteGottler
Schildmier, JennaAdiosOI$0.00 CompleteGibbs
Schneck, MargaretSky RoadSNR-CH$0.00 CompleteChalmers
Shelnutt, LaraPoppyfields Tiger SharkSTART$0.00 CompleteSmiling Horse Farm
Sherman, TaylorFGF DynasmartTR$0.00 CompleteTriple Creek Eventing
Shull, JessicaSydney MWFOT$0.00
  • Signatures
  • Waiver Form
Shull, JessicaMiddleburgOBN$0.00 CompleteRedbud
Shulman, MarisaCheckmateTR-$50.00 Complete
Slezak, KarlHSF Liam McCarthyON$0.00 CompleteMcDonald
Slezak, KarlHot BoboP-CH$0.00 CompleteMcDonald
Smith, EmmaTwo Kings TooSBNR-CH$0.00 CompleteHoos
Smith, SarahHot Cuppa JoeJBNR-CH$0.00 CompleteRoad Less Traveled
Smith, MelanieShakedown StreetI-CH$0.00 Complete
Smolinski , Julia CzarinaTR$558.00
  • Deposits
Stanley, VirginiaAbide by MeNR$0.00 Complete
Stauch, MeganFull Gallop's Woo Pig SooieTH-CH$0.00 CompleteTerrell
Stewart, TiffanyCrimson CloverSBNR-CH$0.00 CompleteTriple Creek Eventing
Stroemsten, AnnCadenceSNR-CH$539.00 PENDING! Awaiting FundsWillow South Eventing
Stroemsten, CorneliaPocomotionSTART$105.00 PENDING! Awaiting FundsWillow South Eventing
Stroud, KendylRelease the KrakenJNR-CH$0.00 CompleteDestiny Farm
Stryker, CarrieJust For TodaySTR-CH$0.00 CompleteStryker
Stuckey, DollyCool Gray CaanSTART$449.00 PENDING! Awaiting FundsGottler
Sullivan, KaitlynDefinitely FernhillSTR-CH$0.00 Complete
Sykes, MacieRomolo's FriarPR$8000.00 PENDING! Awaiting FundsBigTime Eventing
Szczepanski, KierstinJust A SmurkJBNR-CH$0.00 Complete
Szekeres, CamillaCaans High Dollar DivaBNR$499.00
  • Signatures
  • Waiver Form
Terrell, RileyFGF SavingsJNR-CH$0.00 CompleteTerrell
Tessler, JakeHallelujah BNR$14.00 CompleteGo With It Farm/Fowler
Thomas, SusanFGF Cantankerous WomanBNH-CH$0.00 CompleteCharbonnet Sport Horses
Thompson, SerenaNotonyourbestdaySTART$0.00 CompleteThompson
Thompson, JocilynCaans Jagged EdgeBNR$0.00 CompleteGottler
Travis, LisaKing's RansomBNH-CH$0.00 CompleteTravis
Tyler-Wright , StephanieMadison AvenueOP$0.00 CompleteSandstone Equestrian
VanEffen, MackenzieCadallNR$278.00 PENDING! Awaiting Funds
Vinzant, SkylahThe Black PearlJTR-CH$0.00 Complete
Vojnovic, AvaLH Clean SlateJNR-CH$0.00 CompleteFree Form Farm
Waggoner, MerrellFGF ActiumNR$0.00 CompleteBig Time Eventing
Wagner, OliviaEeny Meeny Miny ONR$50.00
  • Deposits
  • Signatures
  • Waiver Form
Wallace, Anna MoonshineginSBNR-CH$0.00 CompleteRoad Less Traveled/Adams
Ward, SelaQT PieOT$0.00
  • Signatures
  • Waiver Form
Warnett, ElleQueen of ThievesBNR$0.00 CompleteGo With it Farm
Wood, ChristyQueen ValentineTR$0.00
  • Signatures
  • Waiver Form
Wymbs, JessicaWeight of the WorldSBNR-CH$0.00 Complete
Yarbou, HadiyaCia's DancerSTART$0.00 CompleteGo With It Farm
Zgutowicz, MadisonPilgrimSTART$0.00 CompleteGo With It Farm
Zgutowicz, CollinsBucks Well SpentSTART$42.00 CompleteGo With It Farm